We Focus on “precision, quality, innovation, customer and service”.
WHO ARE WE? 关于我们?

Established in 2010
in Mainland China

GuangDong Skmei Watch Co.,Ltd Established in 2010 . Actually our factory has been producingwatch since 2005, and created our brand “SKMEI” in 2009.Now our Headquarters Locate in Zhaoqing, covers an area of over 16,000 square meters, has more than 300 employees in factory, and BTB sales team over 70 persons.

广东时刻美表业制造有限公司成立于2010年。实际上我们的工厂从2005年开始生产手表,并在2009年创立了我们的品牌“ skmei”。公司总部位于肇庆,占地面积16000多平方米,现有员工300多人,销售团队70多人。

We specialize in Manufacturing various types of Multifunctional Digital Watches



"SKMEI" brand stock 4000 SKU for our distributors/wholesalers to choose,  full with all kinds of series, such as sport style , classic gent&lady style, kids watch, smart band, and now we are exploring many automatic watches with good quality and High cost performance, everyone can choose a suitable and reliable watch from us.



Precision, quality, innovation, customer and service


We have good After-sale Service,Each customer buy a skmei watch from our distributor can use the back QR lable to verify it is original or not. If it is original, within one year, the watch mov’t have any problem you can back to them for change the mov’t (except battery consume problems) .As the watch case , glass, band, buckle you have checked carefully and confirm when you buy , if later those parts have troubles generally cause by human personal problems ,then not within the warranty scope.


我们有很好的售后服务,每个顾客从我们的经销商购买一个skmei 手表,可以使用后面的二维码标签来验证它是否是原装的。如果是原装的,在一年之内,手表机芯有问题,可退回经销商更换机芯(除了电池消耗问题)。在购买手表时,请仔细检查表壳、玻璃、表带、扣子,若后期这些零件因人为原因引起的故障,不在保修范围之内。

OEM/ODM orders


We also accept OEM/ODM orders,We have a group with experienced clock design and develop, Can independently complete from sample design,assemble,quality control to test, package and export.Diversified products can meet different market demands.


我们还接受 OEM/ODM 订单,我们有一个经验丰富的钟表设计和开发团队,可以独立完成从样品设计,装配,质量控制到测试,包装和出口。多样化的产品可以满足不同的市场需求。

We make 100% QC inspected and 100% waterproof tested.
100% 质检和防水测试


To ensure that all the SKMEI watches are with high quality and water resistant.
By the most advanced waterproof testing equipment and precision testing apparatus.
We are highly welcome around the world wholesalers to cooperation with us .